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The IP Process for Inventors

When a researcher determines a product or idea has the potential for commercial application, he/she should contact OIPM and submit a disclosure form. It is strongly recommended that the disclosure form be submitted at least three months prior to disclosure via publication, a grant application, a presentation, or other medium.

A review will take place and involves an interview will between the researcher and staff from the Office of Intellectual Property Management. The interview will can accomplish the following:
  • Non-confidential summary of the technology.
  • Identify potential markets for the technology.
  • Identify possible market competition.
The information will then be reviewed by the Standing Committee on Intellectual Property at one of its regular meetings. If the disclosure does not contain sufficient information for an evaluation, the committee will table the disclosure until such information is made available.

If the recommendation is to proceed, an attorney is identified to work on the patent application and the researcher will need to work closely with that attorney. If the recommendation is not to proceed, the disclosure is returned to the inventor. However, any future improvements or modifications fall under the Board Policies and must be reviewed.

When a commercial partner is identified, the Center for Industrial Partnerships - part of OIPM – will enter into negotiations regarding either exclusive or non-exclusive licenses. The inventor is kept informed during this process. Expenses are recovered out of the income received from licensed technologies before the University and inventor distributions are made.

If the inventor is a current UH employee at the time of disbursement, the income will be included in the monthly paycheck. Taxes are addressed at that time. If the inventor is no longer with the University, a check in the full amount will be sent to the inventor. No taxes will be deducted. Taxes due are the inventor’s responsibility.

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